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P-Synch installed at a major network consulting firm

April 10, 2000
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

M-Tech, the leader in total password management technology, today announced the sale of a license to use its P-Synch software to a leading I.T. network consulting firm, with over 15,000 staff serving over 14,000 customers.

As a matter of policy, the firm has declined to be named in this press release.

This sale continues a trend among technology companies to license and implement the industry-leading P-Synch password management solution.

To assist in providing business solutions to their clients, employees at the firm use a diverse range of computer platforms and applications, each requiring a separate password. The firm recognized the problems associated with the inability of users to memorize multiple passwords, leaving users frustrated when they forgot a password or used the wrong one repeatedly, and locked out their account. As a result, the corporate help desk had been allocating a large portion of its resources to password problem resolution. To combat these issues, the company has installed M-Tech's total password management system, P-Synch.

P-Synch empowers users and help desk staff to reset forgotten passwords from a single, web-based user interface. P-Synch also allows the firm to enforce a strong, enterprise-wide password policy, and password aging across systems. P-Synch not only simplified password management for users and administrators, it also eliminated the majority of password related calls to the help desk.

M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc. is a network security and software development firm located in Calgary, Canada. M-Tech developed their flagship product P-Synch in late 1995, after their security consulting work identified a definite need in the marketplace for robust password management solutions. P-Synch was the first such product available for open environments.

Today, P-Synch is an acknowledged industry leader in the area of password management with over one million users. P-Synch's client list consists of several hundreds companies, including many Fortune 500 companies.

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About M-Tech

M-Tech is a computer security products company. The M-Tech identity management suite streamlines both password management and account provisioning, in addition to improving user self-service, and reducing user support costs. Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) and Hitachi ID Identity Manager improve the security of network systems and lower their operating costs. The M-Tech client list includes top Fortune-500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears Roebuck, AT&T Wireless, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and many more. For more information, please visit: