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P-Synch licensed by Ford Motor Company

November 9, 2000
Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the purchase of their cutting-edge total password management system, P-Synch, by Ford Motor Company [NYSE: F].

Ford Motor Company, a global leader in the automobile industry, operates on 6 continents, and is one of the five top Fortune companies in the world, with nearly 400,000 employees. Over the past century, Ford Motor Company has grown to offer consumers eight of the world's most recognizable automotive brands.

Ford Motor Company's wide-spread and diversified operations are supported by one of the most diverse computer systems with many platforms and enterprise applications.

Ford Motor Company's users require a very scalable and robust password management system to support their worldwide organization. These requirements led to the selection of P-Synch as the password management solution to support all password management functions across the enterprise.

In order to strengthen network security and minimize the number of password related calls to their help desk units, Ford Motor Company is implementing many P-Synch features including:

Idan Shoham, M-Tech's Director of Technology, explained that "P-Synch is able to offer a complete password management solution to companies as large as Ford due mainly to its unique and scalable architecture, and the ability to deliver all functionality without any software being required at the desktop. "

About M-Tech

M-Tech is a computer security products company. The M-Tech identity management suite streamlines both password management and account provisioning, in addition to improving user self-service, and reducing user support costs. Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) and Hitachi ID Identity Manager improve the security of network systems and lower their operating costs. The M-Tech client list includes top Fortune-500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears Roebuck, AT&T Wireless, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and many more. For more information, please visit:

P-Synch supports strong authentication as well as inexpensive question and answer profiles. This makes it suitable for both corporate use and e-Commerce deployment.

P-Synch synchronizes user passwords across all platforms and systems without installing any desktop software; enforces enterprise-wide password strength policies; allows authenticated users to reset their own forgotten passwords; allows support staff to reset passwords on every system, with no special administrative rights; and reduces support costs while improving network security.

M-Tech is currently developing a line of complementary products that will manage login IDs and directories. ID-Synch, a system for simplifying multi-system login management is currently available for beta testing.

Find out more

To find out more about P-Synch, contact M-Tech at any of the following addresses:
Phone: 1.403.233.0740
Fax: 1.403.233.0725