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M-Tech Expands to Meet Growing Demand

September 20, 2001
Calgary, Canada

New branch offices opened

M-Tech Mercury Information Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce a major expansion to meet growing demand for its security management products.

This expansion includes:

M-Tech's CEO, Mr. Gideon Shoham, said "We are experiencing a sharp increase in product inquiries, evaluations and licenses sold. This includes significant growth in business with Fortune-500 companies and similarly large non-profit organizations worldwide." He added that M-Tech attributes this increase to a maturing market segment, combined with increased desire on the part of large organizations to contain end-user support costs.

Mr. Shoham said that M-Tech has recently opened several branch offices, with offices now serving customers in the following locations:

M-Tech currently serves customers overseas remotely and with the help of its global partners. Plans are now underway to extend support for global customers through new offices at:

Mr. Shoham added that M-Tech had been able to fund its growth using operating revenues: "Our profitability and careful management allow us to meet the increased demand without incurring business risk for ourselves or our customers."

About M-Tech

M-Tech is a computer security products company. The M-Tech identity management suite streamlines both password management and account provisioning, in addition to improving user self-service, and reducing user support costs. Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) and Hitachi ID Identity Manager improve the security of network systems and lower their operating costs. The M-Tech client list includes top Fortune-500 companies such as Ford Motor Company, Sears Roebuck, AT&T Wireless, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and many more. For more information, please visit:

About P-Synch

M-Tech's flagship product, P-Synch, is the leading password management solution. With millions of users in 400 organizations worldwide, P-Synch manages more passwords for more users on more systems than any other product on the market.

To find out more about P-Synch, visit