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M-Tech Teams with RSA Security to Provide Trusted Identity and Access Management Solutions

Leading Companies Expand Strategic Partnership to Offer Integrated Identity Management Solutions that Delivers Improved Security and Rapid ROI

Calgary, AB - September 8, 2003 - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced that it has renewed its certification to the RSA Secured® Partner Program.

M-Tech's identity management solutions, P-Synch and ID-Synch, can manage already-deployed RSA SecurID® tokens, provision tokens to new users, manage RSA SecurID token inventories, and manage both passwords and accounts on RSA ClearTrust® web access management software. Certified integration between M-Tech and RSA Security products help ensure that customers recognize a rapid ROI, improved security, increased productivity and streamlined business processes.

M-Tech's P-Synch is designed to manage RSA SecurID authenticators:

These features are all available through both self-service and assisted service web user interfaces, allowing organizations to reduce token IT support call volumes, and shorten resolution time for remaining token management help desk calls.

M-Tech's P-Synch is engineered to also manage RSA ClearTrust passwords, including password synchronization, self-service password reset and assisted password reset.

M-Tech's ID-Synch is designed to manage RSA SecurID authenticators:

M-Tech's ID-Synch is engineered to also manage RSA ClearTrust login accounts, including creating new users, updating existing user profiles, and deleting accounts that are no longer required.

As part of the RSA Secured Partner Program, P-Synch and ID-Synch have been awarded "RSA Secured RSA SecurID Ready" certification and "RSA Secured RSA ClearTrust Ready." The RSA Secured certification lets organizations know that a powerful strategic partnership has been created that leverages market-leading security products and technologies to meet the needs of an effective e-business strategy.

"We're pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with M-Tech and continue to provide interoperable solutions for our joint customers" said Stuart Cohen, director of partner development at RSA Security. "Our work with M-Tech is only the latest in our ongoing efforts to provide customers with a wide choice in provisioning solutions necessary to form a strong identity and access management system."

"These certified integrations were driven by our customers, who need efficient and secure automated processes to manage their tokens and Intranet login accounts." said Idan Shoham, M-Tech CTO. "Customers demand self-service and business-focused processes for token provisioning, token management, token deactivation, password synchronization and more. M-Tech's integration with RSA Security infrastructure provide these capabilities, and give our customers immediate ROI."

About the RSA Secured Partner Program

The RSA Secured Partner Program is one of the oldest and largest alliance programs of its type, bringing more than ten years of experience and hundreds of complementary solutions together. The RSA SecurID, RSA ClearTrust, and RSA Keon® Ready certification programs bring added assurance to customers that the solutions they are deploying are certified as interoperable with industry leading products, helping them achieve faster time to deployment and lower overall cost of ownership. The program reflects RSA Security's commitment to providing standards-based interoperability and mutual vendor support to customers using RSA Security's Web access management, two-factor authentication, digital certificate management or encryption solutions.

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

M-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions. M-Tech's solutions streamline both password and access management processes, giving organizations a quick ROI and improved security. M-Tech's product suite has a wide range of licensed users ranging from mid-sized companies to global enterprise installations with hundreds of thousands of users. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months.

M-Tech's customers include Avon, Bank of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco, eBay, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Merck MetLife, NCR Corporation, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Sears, Shell, Symantec, Wells Fargo and many more.. For more information on M-Tech and its products, please visit or call 1.403.233.0740.

RSA, RSA Secured, SecurID, ACE/Server, Keon and ClearTrust are either registered trademarks or trademarks of RSA Security Inc. in the United States and/or other countries. All other products and services mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

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