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Delphi Group Validates M-Tech's Strength in the Identity Management Market

Research Firm Asserts M-Tech's Technological Expertise and Solutions Ease of Deployment

Calgary, AB - October 28, 2003 - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced that the Delphi Group has published a report, "Identity Management Workflow - Automating A Way Out of Chaos," that finds M-Tech well-positioned to extend its place in the identity management market. The report describes challenges faced by enterprises to meet both security and business concerns and how identity management has a key role to play in realizing that goal.

Dan Keldsen, Senior Analyst and Director of Information Systems with the Delphi Group and report author commented in the report that M-Tech's identity management solutions "can solve points of pain for a wide variety of users, and automate a way out of time-consuming, money-wasting issues that are hindering modernization and long-term planning of efficient and secure information systems."

The report continues on to say "from customer reports ID-Synch is installed and providing value in a matter of days rather than months - enabling businesses to get a jumpstart on a reasonable Return on Investment (ROI) and freeing resources to move on to other business-enabling projects."

"The Delphi Group report is both a validation and compliment to M-Tech's vision for identity management solutions," said Robert Miller, vice president of marketing, M-Tech. "Our solutions have been designed to be comprehensive, easy to deploy and deliver a rapid ROI. M-Tech will continue to deliver real solutions to the market that address critical business issues."

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About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

M-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions. M-Tech's solutions streamline both password and access management processes, giving organizations a quick ROI and improved security. M-Tech's product suite has a wide range of licensed users ranging from mid-sized companies to global enterprise installations with hundreds of thousands of users. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months.

M-Tech's customers include Avon, Bank of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco, eBay, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Merck MetLife, NCR Corporation, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Sears, Shell, Symantec, Wells Fargo and many more.. For more information on M-Tech and its products, please visit or call 1.403.233.0740.

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