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M-Tech Releases Powerful New Identity Management Suite

Includes Password Management, Self-Service Provisioning, Account Clean-up, a Sophisticated Workflow Engine and Expanded Integration Capabilities Designed to Provide ROI Within Three to Six Months

Calgary, AB - February 3, 2004 -- M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced the new release of its M-Tech Identity Management Suite (M-Tech Identity Management Suite) 3.0, an integrated solution for enterprise identity and access management. This new release combines the power of M-Tech's flagship technologies deployed to millions of users, with new features and products such as advanced workflow capabilities, a long-term scheduler and self-service resource provisioning. M-Tech Identity Management Suite allows organizations to efficiently implement user provisioning and password management in a highly secure manner with advanced auditing capabilities across the global enterprise. M-Tech Identity Management Suite provides unique automated identity discovery and reconciliation technologies to ensure rapid deployment, high user adoption rates and consistent delivery of a speedy ROI.

"M-Tech has been quietly and effectively meeting the needs of its large enterprise customers long before the term identity management was coined," said Jim Hurley, vice president of Risk, Security, and Compliance with Aberdeen Group. "The new capabilities in its IDM Suite 3.0 further reinforces M-Tech as a member of an elite group that can deliver the goods."

The foundation of M-Tech Identity Management Suite is ID-Synch for user provisioning and P-Synch for password management. Currently users on over 65 different platforms have implemented ID-Synch and P-Synch to securely organize and manage user identities, increase operational efficiencies and reduce costs.

Two new and innovative products added to the M-Tech Identity Management Suite include ID-Access, a solution for individual users to find, request and obtain access to specific IT resources and Hitachi ID Automated Discovery, a complete automated identity discovery and reconciliation solution.

"Organizations continue to demand a highly integrated approach when adopting an identity management solution in order to improve security, enhance IT efficiencies and drive down operational costs," said Pete Lindstrom, research director, Spire Security. "M-Tech's new IDM suite approach combined with its extensive experience with complex enterprise integrations positions M-Tech as an important player in the identity management marketplace."

M-Tech Identity Management Suite provides organizations with an option to use either role-based or central policy-based provisioning, both with extensive audit, compliance and reporting capabilities. New and enhanced features that help improve security, productivity and reduce costs include:

"The marketplace is clearly moving to an integrated approach for identity management. M-Tech Identity Management Suite addresses this maturation of the market by combining our proven, best-of-breed tools along with new technologies and integrations," said Robert Miller, vice president of marketing at M-Tech. "Our continuing commitment is to ensure customers realize measurable results from their technology investments and to enable organizations to utilize existing infrastructure and address all core identity management issues that they face today."

Pricing and Availability

M-Tech Identity Management Suite 3.0 includes P-Synch, ID-Synch, ID-Access and Hitachi ID Automated Discovery and is available immediately. For more information on pricing please contact M-Tech at or call 1.403.233.0740.

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

M-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions for the enterprise. The M-Tech Identity Management Suite combines ID-Synch for user provisioning, P-Synch for password management, ID-Access for self-service resource access and Hitachi ID Automated Discovery for account clean-up and reconciliation. Combined, these products offer a comprehensive identity management solution for mid-sized organizations to global enterprises. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months.

M-Tech's customers include Avon, Bank of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco, eBay, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Merck MetLife, NCR Corporation, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Sears, Shell, Symantec, Wells Fargo and many more.. For more information on M-Tech and its products, please visit or call 1.403.233.0740.

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