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M-Tech Partners with Vocent to Resell Secure Telephone Interface for Identity Management Suite

Solution from Vocent Uses Voice Biometrics to Provide Secure Telephone Access

Calgary, AB - April 19, 2004 - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced a new secure telephone access option for its identity management suite. M-Tech customers can now choose voice authentication from Vocent to secure password resets through the telephone. The telephone access option is built by Vocent, and M-Tech is offering the Vocent solution as an optional component of its identity management suite.

This additional telephone access option leverages voice biometrics as part of Vocent DecisionMaker™, which uses the caller's voice biometric score, content knowledge and location to make the best possible authentication decision. An easy speech interface helps users quickly select impacted systems and reset their passwords, improving productivity. Offering a telephone access solution along with web access offers users the best of both worlds, maximizing automation and allowing even remote and traveling users to securely reset their own passwords.

"Password resets are highly sensitive and vulnerable to hacking attempts, requiring high levels of security," said Gideon Shoham, CEO of M-Tech. "Vocent's development of this secure telephone access allows us to offer more telephone-based password reset options to our customers, helping them to achieve their password reset automation goals and offer multiple access options to their users."

"Vocent is excited that M-Tech is offering our packaged applications as part of its industry leading identity management solutions," said Chuck Buffum, President & CEO of Vocent. "Combining our secure telephone access solution with M-Tech's proven password management technology gives customers the tools they need to lower help desk costs and maximize security."

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

M-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions for the enterprise. The M-Tech Identity Management Suite™ combines ID-Synch for user provisioning, P-Synch for password management, ID-Access for self-service resource access and Hitachi ID Automated Discovery for account clean-up and reconciliation. Combined, these products offer a comprehensive identity management solution for mid-sized organizations to global enterprises. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months.

M-Tech's customers include Avon, Bank of America, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Cisco, eBay, Ford Motor Company, Intel, Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Merck MetLife, NCR Corporation, Pfizer, Pitney Bowes, Sears, Shell, Symantec, Wells Fargo and many more.. For more information on M-Tech and its products, please visit or call 1.403.233.0740.

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