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M-Tech Announces the Release of ID-Synch 4.0

Major Enhancements to M-Tech's Core User Provisioning Solution

Calgary, AB - September 29, 2005 - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions, today announced the latest release of M-Tech's user provisioning solution, ID-Synch 4.0.

Version 4.0 is a major release of the ID-Synch product, representing many person-years of product engineering effort. It includes numerous additions and enhancements, including connectors for new target systems, a full redesign of the user interface, workflow enhancements and tighter integration with other components of the Hitachi ID Management Suite.

The Hitachi ID Management Suite comes with over 70 built-in connectors for target systems. New connectors introduced with ID-Synch 4.0 include native integrations with: Netegrity / CA SiteMinder, Oblix / Oracle COREid, HP Service Desk and RSA ClearTrust.

ID-Synch 4.0 forms the core platform for all new M-Tech products, providing underlying identity management services such as auto-discovery, profile management, connectors and change authorization workflow.

Suite-wide integration means that users sign into a common login page, and are presented with all relevant identity management features in a single, integrated navigation menu. Similarly, administrators sign into a single console to configure and manage user provisioning, OrgChart construction, access certification and more.

Enhanced workflow features in ID-Synch 4.0 include the introduction of an implementer role. ID-Synch can manage requests for access to systems with which it is not integrated and that are fulfilled by human staff. Similarly, ID-Synch can manage requests for physical assets, which are fulfilled in the same way. Implementers are core to the new workflow design, rather than an after-thought tacked onto the product. ID-Synch can report in implementer workload, track work completion, reassign pending tasks, etc.

Another enhancement to the ID-Synch workflow engine is expedited escalation. Requesters can short-circuit the normal escalation delay and ask for prompt escalation from one authorizer to another in the case of urgent changes.

"ID-Synch 4.0 now has improved performance, scalability and reliability of numerous functions across the application," says Paul Schermerhorn, V.P. Software Development.

The ID-Synch 4.0 user interface has been completely redesigned. The new interface is cleaner, more informative and offers more intuitive navigation than previous versions. Users who sign into ID-Synch are presented with bold links to tasks they are expected to fulfill, such as authorizing change requests or fulfilling approved requests. Other functions are organized in new categories - "My profile," "Compliance and audit," "Security requests for myself," etc.

The automated user administration module in ID-Synch has also been enhanced. ID-Compare is used in a tightened integration with Microsoft's MIIS meta directory. It can also submit proposed changes, such as creation of new users or modification of existing ones to the workflow engine, rather than applying them directly to target systems.

Group membership management is also enhanced. Groups can be auto-subscribed for management by ID-Synch and group owners as defined on target systems and can be automatically assigned as authorizers. This makes it possible to quickly apply a group membership management workflow system to every security group in a large system, such as Active Directory, in just minutes.

"ID-Synch 4.0 will provide our clients with the added functionality that will assist them in effectively dealing with Identity Management challenges," says Ariel Litvin Ness Technologies. "M-Tech continues to be a leader in offering solutions that add value in the Identity Management marketplace."

Finally, ID-Synch 4.0 includes numerous infrastructure enhancements, which improve performance, scalability and robustness. Nightly automation is significantly faster and no longer uses auto-generated batch files. Updates to target systems are more tolerant of temporary outages on those systems. Many new reports are built in, and all reports include both HTML and CSV output. Search screens are more powerful and produce results more quickly.

In total, ID-Synch 4.0 is the largest software release ever from M-Tech. It improves performance, scalability, reliability and usability of every user provisioning function, and will help M-Tech customers to achieve better results earlier in their identity management projects.

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

M-Tech is a leading provider of identity management solutions for the enterprise. The Hitachi ID Management Suite combines ID-Synch for user provisioning, P-Synch for password management, ID-Certify for regulatory compliance, ID-Access for self-service resource access, ID-Telephony for telephone password reset and Hitachi ID Automated Discovery for account cleansing and reconciliation. Combined, this suite offers a comprehensive, integrated identity management solution for mid-sized to global enterprises. M-Tech is the only identity management software vendor to consistently prove an ROI in three to six months. For more information on M-Tech and its products, please visit or call 1.403.233.0740.

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