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M-Tech Information Technology, Inc. Announces 2006 Results

M-Tech expands identity management suite, customer base, partnerships and organization

January 8, 2007 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., Inc., a leading identity management (IDM) software vendor, is pleased to announce record growth in the 2006 calendar year. Expansion has resulted from growing demand for M-Tech's automated user life cycle management, which includes user provisioning, access certification and password management solutions, as well as innovative new products for AD group management, OrgChart maintenance and management of administrative credentials.

Responding to growing sales, M-Tech has expanded its organization across the board: in product engineering, customer support, implementation services and sales. Total staff grew by 30%, including a major new technical services facility in Montreal.

"In 2006 we focused on broadening the Hitachi ID Management Suite. We introduced major new versions of our core products: ID-Synch for user provisioning, ID-Certify for privilege audit and cleanup and P-Synch for password management," states Idan Shoham, M-Tech CTO. "We also released new solutions ID-Access to manage user membership in Active Directory groups, ID-Org to build out and maintain organizational relationships, ID-Archive to manage administrative credentials and Hitachi ID Login Manager to reduce signon frequency for enterprise users," he added. This growth makes the M-Tech IDM Suite the broadest enterprise identity management solution available at the lowest cost of ownership.

M-Tech continues to strengthen its market leadership as the most cost effective enterprise IDM solution with the fastest ROI. This is achieved by leveraging self-service and automation.

This focus begins with deployment, where auto-discovery and self-service login ID reconciliation expedite implementations. Once deployed, M-Tech customers generate value using self-service, not only in password management, but also in maintenance of identity and access profiles, such as each user's manager attribute (ID-Org) and membership in AD security groups (ID-Access).

M-Tech customers also leverage self-service for regulatory compliance, in the form of change authorization (ID-Synch) and periodic review of user entitlements (ID-Certify).

In 2006, M-Tech extended the focus on self-service to implementation services. We introduced IdMPro, a self-service package of documents, processes and best practices, designed to assist SMBs in deploying ID-Synch, M-Tech's user provisioning solution. This complements Hitachi ID Adoption Maximizer, a set of tools designed to help organizations maximize user adoption of self-service identity management infrastructure.

Reliance on self-service and automation, rather than expensive consulting services, continues to enable M-Tech customers to complete deployments quickly. Deployment of M-Tech user provisioning software, for example, is typically accomplished with about $1 in services for every $1 in software license. This compares favorably to industry norms of $5 to $9 in services per $1 in license fees.

New partnerships have contributed to M-Tech's growth in 2006. Insight, Eurekify, and Encentuate all entered into partnerships with M-Tech in 2006, and contribute to success in the public sector, with organizations interested in a role-based approach to IDM, and in the healthcare market, respectively.

M-Tech also joined the Microsoft Technology Centers Alliance in 2006. As members, we are able to leverage some of the most advanced technology demonstration facilities in the world, and show off our Microsoft-integrated solutions to customers in a location near them. M-Tech signed up numerous major customers in 2006. These include well-known brands such as: The Salvation Army, Nissan Motor Company, Toyota Motor Sales, Manulife, Big Lots Stores, Shands HealthCare, BNFL and Zions Bank.

2006 also saw top marks given to M-Tech's core products: ID-Synch, ID-Certify and P-Synch by leading IT press: Secure Enterprise Magazine, SC Magazine and Information Security Magazine.

"We are proud of the steady growth and expansion of our organization," stated M-Tech CEO, Gideon Shoham. "The new products and partnerships forged this year allow us to continue our role as a leading software vendor in the identity management market in 2007 and beyond."

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions. Hitachi ID software helps almost 1000 organizations with over 12 million combined users meet security, internal control, regulatory compliance, IT cost reduction and user service objectives.

Hitachi ID Management Suite includes Identity Manager, Password Manager and Privileged Access Manager These products manage identities, entitlements and authentication factors across both on-premise and SaaS applications in the cloud.

Industry analyst Ovum Consulting recently recognized Hitachi ID Systems as an enterprise identity and access management powerhouse, citing the company's robust technology and exemplary customer support. Ovum “believes that Hitachi ID's focus on reducing the administrative and helpdesk burden and the company's focus on bottom-up IAM reflects the way in which organizations operate.”

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