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M-Tech Announces General Availability of ID-Archive 4.2.5

First GA release of ID-Archive enables organizations to secure administrator credentials on a large scale

May 11, 2007 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada - M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., Inc., a leader in identity management software, today announced the release of its administrative credential security solution, ID-Archive. ID-Archive 4.2.5 was released after an extensive beta program, and includes significant security, scalability and usability enhancements.

A core component of the M-Tech Identity Management Suite, ID-Archive is security software designed to secure local administrator passwords on thousands of servers and workstations. It addresses the problem of static, widely shared administrator credentials, which is especially risky when IT staff leave an organization.

ID-Archive works by randomizing administrator passwords regularly (typically every day). Since passwords are unique to each device and constantly changing, IT staff are forced to sign into ID-Archive to access current credentials before working on an IT asset. This creates an opportunity for authentication of the IT worker, authorization of access to the device in question and audit of all administrative logins.

ID-Archive ships with connectors for over 70 types of directories, servers and applications. It is also able to manage passwords across thousands of workstations, even when they have dynamic addresses, local firewalls and are frequently powered down or disconnected.

ID-Archive is designed for high availability, with built-in support for data replication across servers situated in different data centers. This makes it immune to minor outages such as hard disk crashes as well as major outages such as data center fires and floods.

Following are some of the enhancements introduced with ID-Archive 4.2.5, based on customer feedback from the Beta program:

"We believe that, with the release of ID-Archive 4.2.5, we have advanced the state of the art in secure management of administrator credentials, especially for truly global enterprises," said M-Tech CTO, Idan Shoham.

About M-Tech Information Technology, Inc.

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