Survey Reveals More Than Half of Organizations at Risk from Security and Compliance Violations

Calgary, Alberta, Canada - February 6, 2008 -M-Tech Information Technology, Inc., a leading provider of identity management solutions today announced survey results revealing that most organizations continue to manage privileged passwords manually, putting them at risk of security breaches and in violation of regulatory requirements.

More than 90 IT professionals from medium to large scale enterprises participated in the November 2007 survey, which included questions about infrastructure, business processes and technology used to manage privileged passwords.

The survey revealed that 61% of organizations continue to use manual processes to change privileged passwords despite the high cost of doing so, and despite the fact that passwords which are changed manually are typically not changed for long periods of time.

Half of the respondents noted that IT audits had raised security concerns regarding the management of privileged passwords and 30% of those surveyed thought that ex-employees continued to have access to sensitive passwords.

"Increased information technology (IT) auditor sophistication and the increased organizational emphasis on compliance have raised concerns about privileged accounts to the highest levels of the organization," noted Mark Diodati, Senior Analyst for Burton Group's Identity and Privacy Strategies.

"Many organizations don't have a good process to manage this problem, not because they don't understand the need, but because a robust solution is technically challenging," said Idan Shoham, M-Tech CTO. "M-Tech addresses this need with ID-Archive, a secure and scalable solution that enables organizations to replace static privileged passwords with passwords that change daily."

ID-Archive, a component of the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, is network security software designed specifically to address the problem of insecure, static and well-known administrator passwords. This solution secures privileged passwords by changing each one to a new long, random string daily, thereby eliminating password retention by former employees. With ID-Archive, IT staff must sign into a web page to request access to passwords - creating personal authentication, authorization and an audit short: IT accountability.

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Industry analyst Ovum Consulting recently recognized Hitachi ID Systems as an enterprise identity and access management powerhouse, citing the company's robust technology and exemplary customer support. Ovum “believes that Hitachi ID's focus on reducing the administrative and helpdesk burden and the company's focus on bottom-up IAM reflects the way in which organizations operate.”

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