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Hitachi ID Systems Releases Connector Pack 1.0

July 21, 2009, Calgary, Canada -- Hitachi ID Systems, today announced the release of the Hitachi ID Systems Connector Pack 1.0. Connectors are programs that enable Hitachi ID Systems' software to integrate with other systems and applications -- to manage users, privileges, passwords, etc.

In the past, connector programs were integrated into each product in the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite. The connector pack separates the release cycle of integration programs from other Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite components, enabling more frequent updates to integrations.

“By decoupling the connectors from our major product release, we plan to ship more connectors, more often,” says Jason Maharaj, VP Quality Assurance. “The connector pack is now available on our portal for customers to download as needed.”

Hitachi ID Systems Connector Pack 1.0 includes connectors to a wide range of systems and applications, including;

All recent versions of Hitachi ID Systems products can use connectors from the Connector Pack. This includes:

Customers interested in this connector pack should contact their Hitachi ID Systems account manager or visit the customer portal at Hitachi-ID.com/portal/ to learn more.

About Hitachi ID Systems

Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identity and access management solutions. Hitachi ID software helps almost 1000 organizations with over 12 million combined users meet security, internal control, regulatory compliance, IT cost reduction and user service objectives.

Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite includes Identity Manager http://Hitachi-ID.com/identity-manager/, Password Manager http://Hitachi-ID.com/password-manager/ and Privileged Access Manager http://Hitachi-ID.com/privileged-access-manager/. These products manage identities, entitlements and authentication factors across both on-premise and SaaS applications in the cloud.

Industry analyst Ovum Consulting recently recognized Hitachi ID Systems as an enterprise identity and access management powerhouse, citing the company's robust technology and exemplary customer support. Ovum “believes that Hitachi ID's focus on reducing the administrative and helpdesk burden and the company's focus on bottom-up IAM reflects the way in which organizations operate.”

For more information about Hitachi ID Systems and its products, please visit http://Hitachi-ID.com/ or call 1.403.233.0740.

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