The Next Step in the Evolution of Identity and Access Management

The market for managing identities, credentials and security entitlements has evolved radically over the years. It started with directories, moved on to self-service and automation to manage identities in those directories (identity management), grew to include web single sign-on (access management) and, more recently, the focus has shifted to policy and controls (access governance).

On Wednesday, April 25th, Idan Shoham, CTO, Hitachi ID Systems, will introduce the concept of Entitlement Administration and Governance (EAG) which is a fresh approach to managing users and their access rights.

In this online session, Shoham will explain that companies focus primarily on administration and governance of security entitlements and, only secondarily, on identity attributes. He will demonstrate that routine administration processes are tightly coupled with governance, security policy, audit and other controls.

EAG resets the approach to managing identities, entitlements and credentials. It clarifies that administration and governance are inseparable and focuses on security entitlements, rather than identity attributes.

Shoham will explain why any approach that treats the management of identities separately from entitlements, or considers administration and governance as distinct and separate, will create more problems than it solves.

About the Webinar

Held on Wednesday, April 25th (10amPT/11amMT/1pm ET), this thought-provoking perspective offers an alternate view to the widely promoted notion of Identity and Access Governance (IAG) as distinct from User Provisioning or Identity Administration.

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