Hitachi ID Systems Announces their Latest Webinar Topic

Hitachi ID Systems today announced that on Thursday, July 26th, 2012 at 10am PT/11am MT/1pm ET, they will host a webinar to illustrate how various administration and governance processes work together. Identity administration and access governance are two critical components in any IT operation. Users require access to do their jobs and auditors need assurance that access is granted only as required, on a policy-compliant basis.

“The high data volume and complexity of integration between identity administration and access governance means that these two 'product categories' are really two sides of the same coin,” states Idan Shoham, CTO, Hitachi ID Systems. “These components should be implemented in a single product, rather than two integrated systems.”

In practice, there is no clear boundary between routine administration and security controls. A viable approach is to implement a single system with integrated processes to automate all activities related to granting and/or revoking access; these include onboarding, unique identification, deactivation, change management, recertification and SoD policy enforcement audits.

During the webinar, Hitachi ID Systems will explore their integrated, single product solution which effectively incorporates automated administration, a request portal, change approvals, privacy protection, segregation of duties, policy enforcement and access recertification.

About Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

Hitachi ID Systems delivers access governance and identity administration solutions to organizations globally. Hitachi ID solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies to secure access to systems in the enterprise and in the cloud.

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