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Hitachi ID Systems Demonstrates Significant Growth in 2012

Fortune 500 Companies Deploy Hitachi ID Systems Solutions

Hitachi ID Systems, a leading provider of identity and access management (IAM) solutions, today announced considerable growth for Q1 and Q2. Revenues have surpassed those of 2011 by over 20%. Demonstrable return on investment, combined with robust identity, entitlement governance and credentials management solutions, have enabled Hitachi ID to secure multiple sizeable deals with mid to global enterprises worldwide. Hitachi ID has closed sales in various sectors which include one of the world's largest food manufacturers, as well as one of the world's five largest banks*.

A strong interest in data security solutions has increased demand for Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager and Identity Manager. Furthermore, the recent launch of the innovative and advanced Identity and Access Management Suite 8.0 has motivated new customers to select Hitachi ID solutions over competing products, thus contributing to business growth.

“The strong demand for products to secure IT infrastructure against internal and external threats has led to a significant interest in systems that provide entitlement security, robust credentials, as well as complete and reliable deactivation of access privileges,” states Gideon Shoham, CEO, Hitachi ID Systems. “The increased demand for our solutions is a direct result of our ability to efficiently deliver these requirements with the best of breed technology, best-in-class customer service and a low total cost of ownership.”

The Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite has been implemented by 80 Fortune 500 companies and is currently used by over 1000 organizations worldwide with over 13 million users.

*Correction: one of the five largest banks in the United States (dated Aug 2, 2012).

About Hitachi ID Systems, Inc.

Hitachi ID Systems delivers access governance and identity administration solutions to organizations globally. Hitachi ID solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies to secure access to systems in the enterprise and in the cloud. Hitachi ID Systems is based in Calgary, Alberta Canada, with offices in Montréal, New York, Amsterdam and Brisbane, Australia.

Hitachi ID identity management and access governance solutions are analyst-recognized leading products in the IAM industry. Cited often as a solution providing the quickest ROI, easiest deployment and highest number of system integrations, the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite has been a clear choice by over a thousand major corporations worldwide.

To learn more about Hitachi ID Systems, visit, e-mail, call 1.403.233.0740 or follow @Hitachi_ID on Twitter.

For more information please contact:

Dawn Mallyon
VP, Marketing
Hitachi ID Systems
(403) 233-0740, ext 324

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