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OrgChart Construction - Hitachi ID Access Certifier

One of the challenges that many organizations face when they first start an access certification project is the realization that they have unreliable and/or incomplete data mapping each user to his direct manager. This can impede certification of users by their managers, since the system cannot route certification requests to the appropriate people.

Hitachi ID Org Manager -- a solution for constructing and maintaining OrgChart data, addresses this challenge. Org Manager is included with every Hitachi ID Access Certifier and Hitachi ID Identity Manager license, at no additional charge. It is also available separately for organizations that wish to address the org-data problem but are not ready to tackle access certification or user provisioning.


In many organizations, data connecting users to their managers is incomplete and/or outdated. This can make it difficult to deploy identity management and access governance automation, which may depend on the relationship between users and their managers to automate authorization, escalation and certification processes.

Org Manager, included with Identity Manager, helps organizations to construct and maintain complete and accurate data mapping every user to their immediate manager.


Org Manager constructs and updates OrgChart data with:


Org Manager is an enabling technology -- helping organizations to cost-effectively construct and maintain OrgChart data, which can be subsequently be used to automate identity management and access governance processes such as change authorization, approvals escalation and access certification.