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Hitachi ID Access Certifier Business Case

The Regulatory Compliance Challenge

Regulatory compliance requirements and security policies increasingly demand that organizations maintain effective controls over who has access to sensitive corporate information and personal data about employees and customers:

Meeting these requirements can be challenging as users often have unique and changing business responsibilities, thus making their entitlements difficult to model using formal roles and rules.

The difficulty in modeling complex, heterogeneous entitlements is compounded by the fact that although users accumulate entitlements over time, they rarely ask IT to terminate old, unneeded rights. Moreover, it is difficult to predict when, after a change in responsibilities, a user will no longer function as a backup resource for his old job and so old entitlements can be safely deactivated.

These challenges together mean that it is difficult to model all of the entitlements that users need across multiple systems and applications at a single point in time and likely impossible to model those needs for thousands of users, over multiple systems, over an extended period of time.

A Process Solution: Access Certification

Access certification is a process where business stake-holders are periodically invited to review entitlements, sign-off on entitlements that appear to be reasonable and flag questionable entitlements for possible removal.

There are several components to access certification:

Hitachi ID Access Certifier Security Benefits

Access Certifier helps organizations to find and eliminate stale user privileges: