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Hitachi ID Access Certifier Screen Shots

Image:  screen-shots/click-review-btn
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Reminder to perform a review:

Users are sent e-mail invitations, asking them to perform a review. When they sign into Hitachi ID Access Certifier, they are reminded of any pending activities -- in this case, the same review.

Image:  screen-shots/cert-users
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Review list of direct subordinates:

In this screen, a manager has been asked to review a list of his direct subordinates. For each one, he must indicate whether the person still reports to him, still works in the organization, or has left and his/her access should be deactivated. Other kinds of reviews may be of role assignment, accounts, group membership, SoD violations, etc.

Image:  screen-shots/complete-cert
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Sign off on the review:

A completed review requires an (electronic) signature. This acts as evidence, in the event of an audit, that the review was completed by this certifier at this time/date, with these changes (no changes in this example).

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