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Hitachi ID certification


  • Working at Hitachi for a summer internship has been a rewarding and valuable experience. My technical and personal skills have grown exponentially in just the 4 months I was interning with them. I feel that the knowledge and applicable skills that I have gained far exceeds what I had been learning in university.

    -- Mac Tonogai
    Summer QA Intern

  • Hitachi ID Systems offers a great summer student opportunity. I spent 4 months learning and expanding my knowledge beyond what my courses at university had taught me. I was introduced to a wide variety of topics, such as, the Hitachi products, AD, IIS, MSSQL, scripting, virtual machines, administration of Linux and Windows systems. This acquired knowledge went beyond helping me at work; it also helped me with my final year in university, as well as, with my own personal projects at home.

    -- Hasitha Anisingaraju
    Summer QA Intern


Work full-time with a dynamic and talented team of professionals.

Current internship opportunities


Our main office, where the internships take place, is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Hitachi ID Systems also has regional offices in Australia, Denver, Montréal, New York, and Vancouver.

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  • Student internships:
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