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From Password Reset to Authentication Management

Over the years, password management software has evolved from a simple self-service web application to reset forgotten passwords to a complex platform for managing multiple authentication factors and encryption keys.

This document describes the technological evolution and highlights the product capabilities that organizations should consider in order to have a lasting value from their investment.

In part, this document questions the benefits of investing in point solutions with limited functionality and expansion capabilities and in favor of investing in a platform capable of addressing both short- and long-term needs.


  • In the Beginning: A Simple Problem
  • Proliferation of Passwords
  • Locked-out Users, Mobile Users and Cached Passwords
  • Multi-Factor Authentication: Smart Cards and Tokens
  • Public Key Infrastructure and Encrypted Key Files
  • Full Disk Encryption
  • User Enrollment and Adoption
  • Privileged Accounts and Passwords
  • The Future

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