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Identity Management as a Service: Deploying IAM in a SaaS Model

This document discusses strategies for deploying an identity and access management system (IAM) using a software as a service (SaaS) provider. It identifies business and technical challenges that arise when an IAM system is moved outside of an organization's private network perimeter and offers solutions to address them.

Every medium to large organization can benefit from an IAM system. Many organizations are interested in moving some of their IT infrastructure from private data centers to "the cloud" -- which often is short-hand for software as a service (SaaS). It follows that many organizations will be interested in moving their existing IAM systems or deploying a new IAM system in a SaaS model.

Table of contents:

2Background - IAM
3Background - SaaS
4Perimeter, firewalls and integrations
5Risk assessment -- identity data hosted by a third party
6One identity administration system or two?
7Federating authentication and authorization
8Securing privileged accounts
8.1Securing access to cloud computing infrastructure
8.2Leveraging cloud infrastructure for password vault replication
8.3Connecting cloud-hosted applications to on-premise systems
9Multi-tenancy and standardized business processes
10Identity management deployment patterns
10.1Corporate model
10.2Higher education model
10.3Internet portal model

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