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Open Source Software from Hitachi ID Systems

Public License

Hitachi ID Systems has released the following programs under the GNU Public License, as free software:

BINDMON: Using DNS to automatically failover between TCP servers

BINDMON is used in conjunction with the BIND DNS server to automatically remove DNS resource records for servers that are temporarily unavailable.

OPENSCHED: Project scheduling for Unix/Linux.
OpenSched is a project management / scheduling program. It reads a description file that describes what must be done and who can do what work, and it automatically assigns work to people, and schedules the entire project.
PWRESET: Command line tool for resetting user passwords.
NIS master servers have no nice, command line tool for resetting user passwords. Instead, system administrators are expected to place a lock on the passwd map, edit it manually, run make, and release the lock. PWRESET is a program to automate this process, making it much more administrator-friendly. It is helpful for managing NIS passwords from a chat script.

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