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BindMon: DNS Load Balancing for TCP/IP Services


BINDMON runs on a DNS server, monitors the health of one or more TCP services on your network. If those servers go down, BINDMON will write altered BIND zone files, and send a hangup signal (SIGHUP) to the DNS server (usually BIND, sometimes called NAMED), to tell it to load a new zone file.

Normally, you would use this in conjunction with a "farm" of identical servers. BIND can do load balancing between these servers using a round-robin algorithm. BINDMON will alter BIND input files (zone files) when servers fail to answer, and also when they come back up.

Currently BINDMON only checks whether a given TCP port connects. Future versions might interrogate ports for more complex queries.

BINDMON works like a text pre-processor, by reading a marked up zone file, doing server health monitoring, and writing "clean" BIND zone files as output.


Currently BINDMON is designed to run on Linux systems. It is known to also work on Solaris, with minor changes (add a -lsocket to the Makefile).

Revision History and Downloads

A detailed change log is available HERE.

Release date


0.1 1999-06-21 Initial release. > No longer available
0.2 1999-06-22 Parallel port checking > bindmon-0.2.tar.gz
0.3 1999-06-25 PID file; better error handling; sequence number in zone files > bindmon-0.3.tar.gz
0.3-debian 2006-04-03 Debian package thanks to > debian/


BINDMON is released under the GNU Public License (GPL).


Feel free to send comments, suggestions or bug reports to:

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