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BindMon: DNS Load Balancing for TCP/IP Services


BINDMON runs on a DNS server, monitors the health of one or more TCP services on your network. If those servers go down, BINDMON will write altered BIND zone files, and send a hangup signal (SIGHUP) to the DNS server (usually BIND, sometimes called NAMED), to tell it to load a new zone file.

Normally, you would use this in conjunction with a "farm" of identical servers. BIND can do load balancing between these servers using a round-robin algorithm. BINDMON will alter BIND input files (zone files) when servers fail to answer, and also when they come back up.

Currently BINDMON only checks whether a given TCP port connects. Future versions might interrogate ports for more complex queries.

BINDMON works like a text pre-processor, by reading a marked up zone file, doing server health monitoring, and writing "clean" BIND zone files as output.


Currently BINDMON is designed to run on SYM_LINUX systems. It is known to also work on Solaris, with minor changes (add a -lsocket to the Makefile).

Revision History and Downloads

A detailed change log is available HERE.

Release date


0.1 1999-06-21 Initial release. > No longer available
0.2 1999-06-22 Parallel port checking > bindmon-0.2.tar.gz
0.3 1999-06-25 PID file; better error handling; sequence number in zone files > bindmon-0.3.tar.gz
0.3-debian 2006-04-03 Debian package thanks to > debian/


BINDMON is released under the GNU Public License (GPL).


Feel free to send comments, suggestions or bug reports to:

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