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PWReset: Unix Password Reset for passwd/shadow/NIS

This program can manipulate passwords, encrypted with the traditional unix crypt() function, in /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow and similar files.

It is useful for resetting passwords for users, especially in systems like Sun's NIS, where there is no native password reset facility, and system administrators are sometimes reduced to manually editing the password file to delete a user's forgotten password.

Release date


0.1 1999-Nov-01 Initial public release > pwreset-0.1.tar.gz
0.2 2000-Jan-15 Minor bug fixes; removes stale lock files; does not echo password > pwreset-0.2.tar.gz
0.3 2000-May-03 Minor bug fix: no longer segfault when username not provided interactively > pwreset-0.3.tar.gz