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Hitachi ID Password Manager Telephony Integration

This document outlines how Hitachi ID Password Manager can be integrated with an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, to enable:

  • Self-service password reset from a telephone.
  • Self-service token management from a telephone.
  • Active enrollment of biometric voice print sample registration.
The remainder of this document is organized as follows:
  • Functional integration describes the business processes that a Password Manager / IVR integration can expose.
  • Usability and internal marketing outlines the usability concerns that a Password Manager / IVR integration should address, and how the solution should be marketed to its intended users.
  • User identification options describes options for uniquely identifying users when they sign into an IVR system.
  • Authentication options describes options for verifying user identity prior to making sensitive functions available.
  • Example processes illustrates the user view of some possible system configurations.
  • Implementation options outlines the various options organizations have for sourcing the technology required to expose Password Manager functions to a telephony channel.
  • Integration mechanisms outlines the detailed technical mechanisms exposed by Password Manager to enable IVR integration.

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