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Using Hitachi ID Password Manager to Reduce Password Reset Calls at an Internet Service Provider


The remainder of this paper is organized as follows:

  • Password reset as a recurrent support call

    Background describing why password resets are a significant cost problem for large ISPs.

  • The Hitachi ID Password Manager password management system

    A general description of the Password Manager password management system.

  • Using Password Manager to reduce ISP call volume

    A specific description of how Password Manager is relevant to customer support in a large ISP.

  • Deployment challenges and design choices

    Specific design and deployment problems raised in an ISP environment, with many users, large support volume, and little or no opportunity for user training.

  • Architecture, scalability and integration

    A network architecture to leverage Password Manager for password management in an ISP environment.

  • Projected ROI

    A cost recovery model for effective password management in an ISP environment.

  • Conclusions

    Summary of the above discussion, and a call to action: deploy password management quickly in order to recoup maximum value.

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