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Authorization Workflow - Hitachi ID Group Manager

The Hitachi ID Group Manager workflow engine normally uses e-mail to invite users to approve requests, to send users reminders to act, to escalate requests from one (non-responsive) user to another and even to send thank-you notes and welcome e-mails.

Note that users are not allowed to approve requests using e-mail, since most mail systems are insecure: plaintext and unauthenticated. E-mail is used to invite users to act, rather than as a means for them to perform the required action.

Workflow is used in Group Manager to approve change requests, to implement approved requests, to certify user access and more. A participant in the workflow process is a person invited to complete a task.

The Group Manager workflow engine has built-in support for automatic reminders, escalation and delegation, so as to elicit reliable responses from individually-unreliable users: