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Browse Resources - Hitachi ID Group Manager

Users do not generally understand security infrastructure. While they may be able to identify a network UNC which they need to access (e.g., because someone they are working with put a file there and told them where to get it), they generally have no idea why they cannot access that UNC, or how to go about getting access.

A consequence of this is that whenever users need new rights, they call the help desk complaining about an "access denied" error. This call is typically escalated to a security team, which:

  • Investigates the user complaint.
  • Sees which groups have appropriate rights, and that the user is a member of none of them.
  • Tries to figure out which group to add the user to.
  • Tries to figure out how to authorize this change.
  • If authorized, add the user to the group.

This is a long, complicated process that solves a rather simple business need: get users the rights they need, when they need them..

Hitachi ID Group Manager replaces this process with self-service. Users can find the network resource they are having trouble with using the Group Manager web UI. Note that users do not search for groups -- they search for UNCs, as shown here:

Screen Shot

Image:  /overview/screen-shots/browse-share
(Click to enlarge)

Select appropriate group

Using the web UI, the user sees which groups have what access rigths to the folder in question and selects the appropriate group / authorizer combination.

Read More:

  • Browse Resources:
    Search for and find network resources.
  • Browse Groups:
    Browse groups with rights to selected resources and examine owners and nested groups.
  • Request Membership:
    Request membership in the appropriate group, with reference to the resource of interest.
  • Authorization Workflow:
    Request and track change authorization using a web- and mail-enabled workflow.
  • Group Management:
    Enable group owners to directly manage membership.
  • Reports:
    Run reports on users, groups and workflow statistics.
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