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Hitachi ID Group Manager Overview

Hitachi ID Group Manager is network security software designed to steamline the management of user membership in Active Directory groups.

The Challenge

Hitachi ID Group Manager: Group Management In large Active Directory environments, there are thousands of user groups, used primarily to authorize access to files, folders and shares.

Managing group membership is difficult and costly, because users who need access to resources are not aware of groups in general or know which group they should join. Instead, users articulate their requirements in terms of resources such as shares and folders and call the help desk to gain access.

The Group Manager Solution

Group Manager is a self-service group membership request portal. It allows users to request access to resources such as shares and folders, rather than initially specifying groups. Group Manager automatically maps requests to the appropriate security groups and invites group owners to approve or deny the proposed change.

Group Manager is available both as a stand-alone solution and as a no-cost module included with Hitachi ID Identity Manager.

Group Manager improves security by ensuring that changes to membership in security groups are properly authorized before being implemented.

Group Manager reduces the cost of IT support by moving requests and authorization for changes to group membership out of IT, to the community of business users.

Group Manager streamlines service delivery regarding the management of membership in security groups by making it easier for users to submit clear and appropriate change requests and automatically routing those requests to the right authorizers. This makes the request process painless and the approvals process fast.

Read More:

  • Features:
    Self-service requests and authorization for AD group membership.
  • Business Case:
    Improved user service and lower IT cost through effective management of user access to shares and folders.
  • Screen Shots:
    Snapshots of the Group Manager web interface.
  • Screen Recordings:
    Videos of the Group Manager interface.
  • Slide Decks:
    Slide presentations that discuss how Group Manager works.
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