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Hitachi ID Group Manager Slide Presentations

Click on the links below to view online slide presentations that show you how Hitachi ID Group Manager can help your organization. You can also print these presentations using Acrobat Reader.

arrowHitachi ID Group Manager Overview
  • Group Manager Overview:

    An overview of the challenges in securely managing membership in large numbers of Active Directory groups and how Group Manager helps to address them. Includes a self-running animated demo.

    (15 slides.)

arrowHitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite Overview

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  • Features:
    Self-service requests and authorization for AD group membership.
  • Business Case:
    Improved user service and lower IT cost through effective management of user access to shares and folders.
  • Screen Shots:
    Snapshots of the Group Manager web interface.
  • Screen Recordings:
    Videos of the Group Manager interface.
  • Slide Decks:
    Slide presentations that discuss how Group Manager works.
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