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Hitachi ID Group Manager Screen Shots

Image:  screen-shots/permission-nb
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Windows “Access Denied” error dialog:

Hitachi ID Group Manager begins by intercepting the Windows "Access Denied" error dialog window and displaying additional information -- notably a button that launches the user's web browser to a web-based request system.

Image:  screen-shots/browse-share
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Select appropriate group:

Using the web UI, the user sees which groups have what access rights to the folder in question and selects the apropriate group / authorizer combination.

Image:  screen-shots/approve-request
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Approve request:

The authorizer(s) will receive e-mails asking them to review the request. They can approve, reject or delegate the decision to someone more familiar with the situation.

Read More:

  • Features:
    Self-service requests and authorization for AD group membership.
  • Business Case:
    Improved user service and lower IT cost through effective management of user access to shares and folders.
  • Screen Shots:
    Snapshots of the Group Manager web interface.
  • Screen Recordings:
    Videos of the Group Manager interface.
  • Slide Decks:
    Slide presentations that discuss how Group Manager works.
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