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Hitachi ID Group Manager Integrations

Hitachi ID Group Manager has an open architecture and can be integrated with the full spectrum of existing IT infrastructure:

  • E-Mail Integration

    Over 300 events can trigger e-mails to users, administrators, the help desk and more. This includes invitations to enroll, to approve requests and "thank you" e-mails. The same events can also trigger automatic creation or tickets in a problem management system.

    E-mail integration is primarily used to invite users to act and notify users of events that pertain to their profile or their authority.

  • Help desk / incident management integration

    The same events that can cause Group Manager to send an e-mail to a user or a security officer can also trigger automatic creation, update or closure of a ticket in any of more than 20 incident management / help desk applications.

  • Authentication tokens, smart cards, PKI

    Group Manager can authenticate users (requester, authorizers, security administrators) using hardware tokens, smart cards or software PKI certificates. Group Manager can also provision user objects and provision physical devices on these platforms.

Read More:

  • Architecture:
    Hitachi ID Suite network architecture.
  • Included Connectors:
    Systems on which Group Manager can audit and reduce privileges.
  • Other Integrations:
    Integrations between Hitachi ID Suite and other parts of an IT infrastructure.
  • Server Requirements:
    Sizing, configuration and number of servers on which to deploy Group Manager
  • Language Support:
    Languages Supported by the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite
  • Windows Shell Extension:
    Intercepting the Windows "Access Denied" error dialog and directing users to a request page.
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