IAM and Cloud Computing

Deploying an IAM system to manage identities in the cloud or that runs on a hosted platform.

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  • Identity Management as a Service: Deploying IAM in a SaaS Model:
    This document discusses strategies for deploying an identity and access management system (IAM) using a software as a service (SaaS) provider. It identifies business and technical challenges that arise when an IAM system is moved outside of an organization's private network perimeter and offers solutions to address them.
  • Intersection of Identity Management and Cloud Computing:
    A comprehensive analysis of all the ways that Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions can be run in and integrate with cloud computing systems. Both cloud computing and IAM are relatively new, so the first part of this document defines key concepts and terminology. Next, assumptions that clarify the scope of this document in terms of network topology and functionality are presented and finally a comprehensive list of architectural scenarios are presented, along with an analysis of the costs, risks and benefits of each scenario.