Identity Management Basics

Introduction to identity management, including concepts and terminology.

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  • Defining Identity and Access Management:
    Identity and access management (IAM) systems automate business processes to manage identities, credentials and access rights across systems and applications. This document defines the functional and integration components of IAM systems.
  • Identity Management Terminology:
    This document introduces key identity management terminology and offers clear, unambiguous definitions. The intent is to help the reader focus on solving real problems, rather than waste energy on the language of identity management.
  • Beyond Roles: A Practical Approach to Enterprise User Provisioning:
    Introduces a strategy for large-scale enterprise identity and entitlement management that takes advantage of roles but is not constrained to only using roles. The strategy complements the traditional role-based approach with user-issued security requests and periodic audits.
  • Access Governance Using the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite:
    This document introduces the concept of access governance. This concept is linked to corporate business drivers around risk management and audit and explains how the Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite meets access governance requirements.