Hitachi ID Identity Manager Product Literature

Documentation relating to Hitachi ID Identity Manager, including product description, project planning, an installation guide, white paper, etc.

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  • Color Brochures:
    One page glossy product brochure for Identity Manager.
  • Enterprise-Scale IAM with Hitachi ID Identity Manager:
    This document introduces the business problems of user life-cycle management: slow and complex onboarding; redundant administration effort; slow and unreliable deactivation; excess security entitlements and inconsistent user profile data. It then describes how Hitachi ID Identity Manager addresses these problems using streamlined business processes built on integrated technology. Finally, the benefits of enabling automation and self-service to improve user and security management processes are described.
  • Hitachi ID Identity Manager Features at a Glance:
    A brief overview of Identity Manager features.
  • Locking Down a Identity Manager Servers:
    It is important to protect both the Hitachi ID Systems product server and the data it stores. This document describes how.
  • Selecting a User Provisioning Product:
    This document helps organizations to define criteria which can be used to select an appropriate user provisioning product. The selection process begins with the business case for a user provisioning system. This business case is used to develop functional and technical requirements, which in turn drive the product and vendor selection process.