Managing an Identity Management Project

Documentation relating to Hitachi ID Identity Manager, including product description, project planning, an installation guide, white paper, etc.

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  • Building a Business Case for Identity Administration and Access Governance:
    This document is designed to assist in the preparation of a business case for the deployment of an identity administration and access governance (IAM) system. The benefits of an IAM system: namely cost savings, improved user service and strengthened security are justified in terms of concrete metrics, which compare current to desired state.
  • Best Practices for IAM Projects:
    Presents best practices for deploying and operating an IAM system. Builds on Hitachi ID Systems's years of experience in deploying password management and user provisioning into some of the largest and most complex organizations in the world.
  • Identity Management Project Roadmap:
    Identity Management Project Roadmap
  • Addressing Deployment Challenges in Enterprise Identity Management:
    Describes the major challenges in deploying an enterprise identity and access management (IAM) system, including data cleansing, role engineering and workflow definition and maintenance. Goes on to suggest techniques and best practices to overcome every challenge.