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Self-service Profile Updates and Access Requests

Users can sign into the Hitachi ID Identity Manager web portal and make updates to their own profiles. This includes changes to their contact information and requests for new access to applications, shares, folders, etc.

Profile updates are subject to:

  • Access control policies. For example, users may be able to see but not modify their job code or pay grade.
  • Field- and form-level validation rules. For example, the area code in a user's phone number may have to match the city in which the user resides.
  • Authorization rules. For example, changes to a user's department code may have to be approved by both the old and new department managers.

Changes to a user's roles, accounts or security groups are subject to policy as well:

  • What entitlements a user can see or request is limited by policy.
  • Requests must not create an end-state which violates SoD policy.
  • Changes to a user's entitlements are normally routed to application owners and/or managers for approval.

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