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Hitachi ID Identity Manager Overview

Hitachi ID Identity Manager: Identity Management and Access Governance Hitachi ID Identity Manager is a user provisioning solution. It reduces the cost of user administration, helps new and reassigned users get to work more quickly and ensures quick and reliable access deactivation. This is accomplished with: auto-provisioning, auto-deactivation, identity synchronization, self-service profile updates, delegated administration, policy enforcement and reports. Identity Manager includes built-in connectors to manage users and entitlements on over 120 kinds of systems and applications.

Identity Manager is an integrated solution for managing identities and security entitlements across multiple systems and applications. Organizations depend on Identity Manager to ensure that users get security entitlements quickly, are always assigned entitlements appropriate to their needs and in compliance with policy and are deactivated reliably and completely when they leave the organization.

Identity Manager implements the following business processes to drive changes to users and entitlements on systems and applications:

Identity Manager strengthens security by:

Identity Manager reduces the cost of managing users and security entitlements:

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