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Hitachi ID Identity Manager Business Case

The Challenge

Creating, maintaining and deleting login IDs for a large user population on multiple systems is complex. This complexity produces user service, security and cost problems:

New hires that join an organization may wait a long time for system access. Employees who change roles may likewise wait for new access. In both cases, the organization loses staff productivity while user provisioning processes lag.

High staff mobility or a large number of target systems lead to a large number of add / change / delete actions on login IDs. Approving and implementing these changes requires numerous IT support and security administration staff.

When people leave an organization, their systems access frequently persists -- for a long time or indefinitely. Orphan accounts represent a significant security risk and in some cases contribute needlessly to software license costs.

Other security problems that arise due to complex multi-system administration include users with excess or inappropriate privileges, weak or un-enforced password policies, violations of segregation of duties rules and improper approvals for security changes.

Hitachi ID Identity Manager Benefits: Security, Internal Controls and Regulatory Compliance

Identity Manager strengthens security by:

Identity Manager Benefits: Cost Savings

Identity Manager reduces the cost of managing users and security entitlements: