Hitachi ID Identity Manager Slide Presentations

Slide presentations that illustrate the Hitachi ID Identity Manager user provisioning solution

Click on the links below to view online slide presentations that show you how Hitachi ID Identity Manager and Hitachi ID Access Certifier can help your organization. You can also print these presentations using Acrobat Reader.

arrowHitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite Overview
  • Identity Manager Overview:


    • Hitachi ID Systems corporate overview.
    • Identity management business challenges.
    • Identity Manager features and benefits.
    • Key Identity Manager technology, architecture and integrations.
    • Deployment process and available services.

    (21 slides.)

  • Developing an IAM Business Case:


    • Business Challenges.
    • IAM Overview.
    • IAM Value Proposition.
    • Supporting Metrics.
    • Effective IAM Projects.

    (25 slides.)

  • Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite Overview:

    An overview of Hitachi ID Identity and Access Management Suite, of which Access Certifier is a component.

    (14 slides.)

arrowHitachi ID Access Certifier Overview
  • Access Certifier Overview:

    An overview of regulatory requirements faced by many organizations, leading to the problem of privilege accumulation. A description of Access Certifier follows, including a self-running animated demo.

    (14 slides.)

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  • Features:
    Auto-provisioning, identity synchronization, authorization workflow, RBAC, segregation of duties, reporting and more.
  • Business Case:
    Developing a business case for deploying an identity management and access governance system such as Identity Manager
  • Screen Shots:
    Snapshots of the Identity Manager web user interface.
  • Screen Recordings:
    Recordings of user interaction with Identity Manager, Access Certifier and Group Manager.
  • Concept Animations:
    Animated demonstrations illustrating user interaction with Identity Manager and data flow between components on the network.
  • Slide Decks:
    A variety of slide presentations about identity management and access governance in general and Identity Manager in particular.