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Hitachi ID Identity Manager Cost Savings

Hitachi ID Identity Manager reduces the cost of managing users and security entitlements:

  • Auto-provisioning and auto-deactivation leverage data feeds from HR systems to eliminate routine, manual user setup and tear-down.
  • Self-service eliminates IT involvement in simple updates to user names, phone numbers and addresses.
  • Delegated administration moves the responsibility for requesting and approving common changes, such as for new application or folder access, to business users.
  • Identity synchronization means that corrections to user information can be made just once, on an authoritative system and are then automatically copied to other applications.
  • Built-in reports make it easier to answer audit questions, such as "who had access to this system on this date?" or "who authorized this user to have this entitlement?"

Cost Savings Calculator

To find out how much money Identity Manager can save your organization, use the cost savings calculator.

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    User productivity can be maximized by ensuring that new employees and contractors are provisioned with systems access promptly.
  • Example Savings Calculation:
    An example calculation of the cost savings that an organization can realize by automating onboarding, change management and access deactivation processes using Identity Manager.
  • Cost Savings Calculator:
    Calculate the estimated cost savings which Identity Manager deployment will yield in your organization.
  • Pricing:
    Inquire about Identity Manager pricing for your organization.
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