Software License

Hitachi ID Identity Manager pricing is based on the number of users (people, not login accounts). This includes all features, all connectors, all client software components and the right to run as many servers and CPUs as desired. A one-time purchase grants customers the perpetual right to use Identity Manager.

Identity Manager pricing is calculated using a smooth curve -- as the number of users increases, the price per user steadily decreases. This means that customers do not have to base their purchase volumes on price bands or tiers. Instead, customers purchase for the number of users actually required, knowing they will get the best price for that volume.

Customers are encouraged to, over time, extend their deployment of Identity Manager to manage new target systems and to activate new features, at no additional charge.

Customers may run as many Identity Manager servers as required, to provide high availability, redundancy and a test/QA environment, at no additional charge.

Annual Support / Maintenance

Annual maintenance is typically based on a pre-agreed contract. Maintenance fees are 20% of the software license fee, purchased at time of initial purchase and again annually. Maximum fee escalation is dictated in the license agreement.

Annual maintenance includes:

  1. Unlimited technical support via e-mail, telephone, fax and secure remote VPN, if such access is provided by Hitachi ID Systems customer, during regular support hours, 17 hours per day, 5 days per week (Monday to Friday 3AM EST / 8AM GMT to 8PM EST / 1AM GMT).

  2. All major and minor updates and upgrades to Identity Manager are included in the maintenance contract, so Hitachi ID Systems customer does not have to purchase upgrade products.

Optional emergency incident support coverage is also available during non-regular support hours, 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. A technician will respond to your request for assistance within 90 minutes of your call. The annual fee for such coverage is 5% of the software license fee.

Professional Services

Some Hitachi ID Systems customers elect to implement Identity Manager on their own. However, Hitachi ID Systems does offer and for larger deployments recommends, professional services to assist with design, installation and configuration of our software.

Hitachi ID Systems implementation services include complete configuration and activation of Identity Manager, as well as preliminary work such as system design and follow-up work such as user adoption monitoring and development of user adoption strategies.

Identity Manager-related services are provided both remotely and on-site, as appropriate.

Hitachi ID Systems services are normally provided based on pre-defined deliverables and a SOW. Services pricing is normally on a fixed price basis, unless customers are unable to fix scope in advance.

Both Hitachi ID Systems (internally) and a number of partner organizations are qualified to deliver the aforementioned services.

Turn-key Deployment

We encourage our customers to use our deployment services. Installation is performed on a fixed price basis, with guaranteed functionality.

Please contact us for a price quote.