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Connectors Included with Hitachi ID Identity Manager

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Operations Supported by Connectors

Hitachi ID Identity Manager connectors support a rich set of "primitive operations." These operations specify the kinds of changes that Identity Manager can apply to users and groups on each integrated system and application:

  • List existing accounts and groups.
  • Create new and delete existing accounts.
  • Read and write identity attributes associated with a user object.
  • Read and set flags, such as "account enabled/disabled," "account locked," and "intruder lockout."
  • Change the login ID of an existing account (rename user).
  • Read a user's group memberships.
  • Read a list of a group's member users.
  • Add an account to or remove an account from a group.
  • Create, delete and set the attributes of a group.
  • Move a user between directory organizational units (OUs).

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