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Privileged ID management with Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager

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Overview: Privileged ID Management

Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager Features

Privileged Password Management

A privileged access management system controls access to login accounts that have elevated security rights. It typically controls access to administrator IDs, service accounts and accounts used by one system to sign into another.

Privileged access management systems typically randomize the passwords of sensitive accounts, store current passwords in an encrypted vault, connect authorized people and programs to privileged accounts and audit this activity.

A privileged access management system usually does not create privileged accounts, since that is usually a side effect of installing the system on which they exist. Similarly, these IDs are normally removed when a system is uninstalled. Instead, privileged access management systems secure access to these accounts by strongly authenticating users, authorizing their access and granting access only temporarily and with strong audit records, up to and including video capture and key-logging.

Privileged Access Manager is a system for securing access to elevated privileges. It works by regularly randomizing privileged passwords on PCs, servers, network devices and applications. Random passwords are encrypted and stored in two or more replicated credential vaults. Access to privileged accounts may be disclosed:

  • To people, after suitable identification, authentication and authorization.
  • To applications, replacing embedded passwords.
  • To Windows systems, which need them to start services.

Password changes and access disclosure are closely controlled and audited, to meet policy and regulatory requirements.

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