Rapid Deployment and Low TCO

Optimized to minimize effort:

Using Hitachi ID Identity Manager technology:

  • User provisioning with HiIM:
    • Initial deployment:
      6 -- 9 months.
    • Ongoing maintenance:
      0.5 -- 1.0 FTE.

  • Built-in nightly auto-discovery of IDs, entitlements.
  • Both attribute-based and self-service ID mapping.
  • Request, approvals screens and processes are built-in.
  • Implementer infrastructure for non-integrated apps is built-in.
  • Powerful authorization workflow is built-in.
  • Deployment does not depend on role engineering.
  • 110 connectors out of the box.
  • Rapid integration with custom, vertical apps.
  • Easy customization of GUI, business logic.