Hitachi ID before, others still:

  • Every implementation starts from scratch.
  • Some code reuse, in the form of libraries.
  • Even simple business processes have complex boundary conditions:
    • Onboarding: initial passwords, blocking rehires.
    • Termination: scheduled vs. immediate, warnings, cleanup.
    • Transfers: move mailboxes and homedirs, trigger recertification.

  • Complex processes often scripted.
  • Delay, cost, risk.

Hitachi ID now:

  • Start with a fully configured system.
  • Handles all the basic user lifecycle processes out of the box.
  • Basic integrations pre-configured (HR, AD, Exchange, Windows).
  • Implementation means "adjust as required" not "build from scratch."
  • Configuration is fully data driven (no scripts).
  • Fast, efficient, reliable.