To prevent a security or an IT operations disaster, a privileged password management system must be built for safety first:


  • Passwords must be encrypted, both in storage and transmissions.
  • Access controls should determine who can see which passwords.
  • Workflow should allow for one-off disclosure.
  • Audit logs should record everything.

Data loss,
Service Disruption

  • Replicate all data -- a server crash should be harmless.
  • Replication must be real time, just like password changes.
  • Replication must span physical locations, to allow for site disasters (fire, flood, wire cut).

  • These features are mandatory.
  • Failure is not an option.
  • Ask Hitachi ID for an evaluation guide.

  • Evaluate products on multiple, replicated servers.
  • Turn off one server in mid-operation.
  • Inspect database contents and sniff network traffic.