GINA Extensions

Support locked out users without a "generic" domain account:

  • Extend the Windows Graphical Identification and Authentication (GINA) subsystem, which:
    • is responsible for capturing Ctrl-Alt-Del,
    • presents the login screen and
    • handles screen savers.

  • The Windows GINA can be replaced by third-party DLLs, such as:
    • Novell NetWare.
    • Strong authentication products (smart cards, biometrics, etc.).

  • Hitachi ID Password Manager includes two GINA extension approaches, both of them:
    • Launch a kiosk-mode web browser.
    • Run the browser with an unprivileged account.

  • The first is a GINA wrapper DLL that adds a password reset button in the login prompt.
  • The second is a GINA service program that adds a password reset button without modifying the native GINA DLL.