Hitachi ID Suite Overview

Competitive Advantages

Unique features

Rapid deployment

  • "Provisioning" and "governance" in one product.
  • Access, authorization built around relationships.
  • Self-service from any device, any location.
  • Users can request resources, not groups.
  • SoD engine detects "effective" violations.

  • Key features built-in, not custom:
    • Request forms.
    • Authorization workflow.
    • Access certification.
    • Auto-discovery.
    • Reports.

  • A product, not a devel. environment.

Scalable platform


  • Real-time data replication.
  • Multi-master architecture.
  • Proxy server to cross firewalls.
  • Stored procedures, native code for speed.

  • 110+ included connectors.
  • Flexible connectors.
  • Built-in implementers workflow.
  • Incident management, SIEM, etc.