Hitachi ID Privileged Access Manager


  • Multi-master, active-active.

  • Hot standby, "offline" mode.

  • 2FA for everyone, no extra cost.

  • Either purchase a separate 2FA system or rely on AD passwords.

  • BYOD access, including approvals

  • Fire up your laptop, sign into the VPN.

  • Check-out multiple accounts in one request.

  • One account at a time.

  • Temporary privilege elevation.

  • Only password display/injection.

  • Secure laptops (mobile, NAT, firewalled).

  • Endpoints not really supported.

  • Direct connect, HTML5, RDP+launch proxy.

  • Only via proxy.

  • Proxy servers to integrate with remote systems.

  • Extra cost (more appliances?).

  • Run any admin tool, with any protocol.

  • Can only launch RDP, SSH.